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Key Benefits

  • This is the only place I have seen priced at under 100K!
  • The house is set back from the road and there is a lot of land in front of the house
  • It is compact and would make a nice 2 bed cottage
  • It is very close to the water's edge in Rijeka Dubrovacka
  • It has pretty good views of the surrounding countryside and I could not foresee anything else being built in front of it

Key Drawbacks

  • Only2/3 of the property is currently available and there are lot of other people involved in the other third. The agents were also not sure what land comes with the property (there is quite a lot of land in front of the house which I would recommend buying to prevent anyone else building on it)
  • The agents didn't have keys so I haven't been able to see inside it
  • The properties around the house are very scruffy at present. They are fairly typical village houses where someone has built their own chicken coop next to an old stone house, so the area could be quite nice in the future.
  • The houses in front of the house over the other side of the road are also scruffy. They are in the process of being built and are currently one storey high. I imagine when the owners get some money they will finish them, but when that is likely to happen is anyone's guess. Again, if the area picked up I'm sure the location would be quite good
  • Although the road is not the main road from Dubrovnik, there does appear to be quite a lot of traffic, which I found quite noisy. I would plant trees at the road edge to dampen traffic noise.



Description Price (000s Euro)
two thirds of the property 50
final third of the property 20?
Total 70

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