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Key Benefits

  • The property's biggest attraction is the location. It is about 3 miles from Vrsar, a pretty little port with a marina.
  • The house has two floors with large living area downstairs and 3 large bedrooms on the first floor. There is also a sizeable loft. The total living space is about 160m2 in the main house, with about another 100m2 in the barn.
  • The house is in a small village which has 3 roadside restaurants and is set back from the main road.
  • The village appears to be in the process of being gentrified - there are several houses which have been done up already.
  • The house has a lot of the original features, including a well and barn.There is a nice pergola, providing shade at the front of the house.
  • The garden has several mature trees and covers about 300m2
  • The village is very quiet and peaceful and the houses around it are all residential
  • It would be possible to do up either the barn or  the house separately to provide accommodation whilst the rest of the property is renovated
  • There is electricity, water and sewerage - this may be a septic tank, so I would need to check on this.

Key Drawbacks

  • The house needs a lot of work doing to it. It is currently lived in but would not be habitable by Northern Europeans!
  • There is no view of the sea, although there is a nice view of the surrounding countryside
  • There are no other amenities in the village apart from the restaurants
  • The price is higher than a lot of other comparably sized properties, but it is nearer the sea and has the benefit of existing water and electricty supplies
  • The garden is not huge and it may not be feasible to put a pool in
  • There are a lot of farm buildings on the premises, but these could be easily knocked down and the space utilised for a bigger garden.
  • There are a couple of farm-houses in the village, although I did not hear any animals when I went to visit - just birds!


Description Price (000s Euro)
asking price 127
works 60-80
Total 200

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