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These are links to some houses  that I have been to see. There are rather too many for me to put on the site at present. On the local links page are several links to local estate agents. I suggest people have a look at the local agent's websites and let me know if anything is of interest. As a rough guide it is possible to find an old stone house in a village for about 60,000 Euros upwards. The house would need renovating and would probably be about 100m2 and have about 300m2 of land (enough for a reasonable size garden). The cheapest I have seen was 25,000 Euros in the interior. There are quite a few agents who will organise rebuilding in the old style - i.e. stone walls with terrace and pool, 3 beds and about 500m2 of land for anything from 150,000 Euros upwards.

Detached house in Baredine

    This detached house has great potential, but is a bit problematic

Old village house in Labinci

        This very large and beautiful old house has been partially renovated with a new roof

Renovated house in Marticici

        This is a good prospect - doesn't need work and is a reasonable price

House with courtyard in Musalez

        An interesting place, built around a small courtyard and very private, yet close to the coast

Large house on land in Zenodraga

        This is a huge place with a lot of land, that would make a holiday complex

Renovated house in Funtana

        This is a recently renovated house in Funtana and is ready to move into - a good investment property

New house in the old style in Ladrovici

        This is a newly built house, built in the local style and is ready to move into

Old village house in Ladici

        This is my favourite of the ones I have seen, with great views of the countryside to the sea

Old village house in Markovac

        This is another of my  favourites, again with great views of the countryside to the sea

Derelict House in Kasteler

        A huge house, with open-plan floors.

House in Flengi
         This is an old house about 5 kms from the coast in a small village.
Derelict house in Muntrilj
          This house consists of the main house and 2 further outhouses about 15km inland.
House near Sv. Lovrec  
This house is in a new development in inland Istria - it has been built in the old style but is unfinished. It has a large garden and more land is available

        This huge place shows you just how nice the places can be

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