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Key Benefits

  • The property's biggest attraction is the size. It is about 250m2 in total on several floors.
  • It dates from 1790 and is the oldest house in the village
  • The external walls have been renovated as has the roof
  • There is a small garden and good views over the local countryside to the sea.
  • The house has three floors with lots of room on each of them
  • There are 2 separate entrances and the house has been divided into 2 separate dwellings. One half is merely a shell, but the other half is lived in - my understanding is that the whole thing is for sale

Key Drawbacks

  • The house needs a lot of work doing to it. The interior needs completely revamping, although the walls and roof look sound
  • The house is directly on the road through the village. Although not busy, there would be some traffic passing by.
  • The garden is quite small, probably only about 200m2, compared to a very large house


Description Price (000s Euro)
asking price 150
works 60-80
Total 230

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