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Key Benefits

  • This a large house around a small courtyard, with a large stall as well
  • The house is very private and is not overlooked by any of the neighbours.
  • There is a cistern on the first floor terrace with views out to the sea
  • It is in a small village, which has a couple of restaurants
  • The village is about 5 kms outside of Porec and there is nearby access to a good fast road and the new Y road will be only about 5 mins away, providing good access to the north and the south
  • The house has two floors with large cellar  area downstairs and 3 large bedrooms plus kitchen on the first floor. There is also a sizeable loft. The total living space is about 160m2 in the main house, with about another 100m2 in the barn.

Key Drawbacks

  • The house needs a lot of work doing to it.
  • The courtyard is quite small, particularly given the size of the house, but this is compensated for to some extent by the size of the terrace and the proximity to the beach
  • There are no other amenities in the village apart from the restaurants
  • The price is quite high, given the lack of land


Description Price (000s Euro)
asking price 120
works 60-80
Total 200

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