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This is not a realistic place for us but it shows just how fantastic some of them are.

Key Benefits

  • The property's biggest attraction is the location. It is in the middle of forested countryside in the North of Istria not far from a place called Groznjan.
  • It has 3000m2 of garden and is situated in 5 hectares of agricultural land and forest.
  • It has a pool and terrace and is very secluded and private, away from traffic and anything else

Key Drawbacks

  • The price - at 400,000 Euros it is not cheap
  • Some people might feel it too remote
  • I haven't been inside it and have no idea how it has been renovated
  • The land around it is rented, not owned by the vendor


Description Price (000s Euro)
asking price 400
Total 400

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