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Key Benefits

  • The property is newly built but with old materials and in the local style
  • It has 2000m2 of land around it, enough flat land at the back of the house for a pool and views over the local countryside. The agent assures me that on a clear day you can see the sea
  • The only thing left to do to the house is the kitchen, otherwise it is immediately habitable.
  • There are 3 reasonable sized, but not huge bedrooms on the first floor.
  • On the ground floor is a large lounge and a smaller kitchen. There is a nice roofed terrace at this level, with steps leading down to the garden and below to a large cellar, which opens out onto a terraced patio beyond which you could build a pool.
  • The hamlet is very quiet, with at most a dozen other houses, several of which have recently been renovated and bought as holiday homes.
  • From the village to Porec on the coast  is a fast main road - about a 10 min drive into Porec itself and it lies just off the route of the new main road, within about 2km of the intersection at Baderna, so has good access to Italy and Slovenia.
  • The house has been well done with plain white walls, old terracotta floors downstairs and resalvaged wooden floors up stairs.
  • There is plenty of land for a pool, tennis court and orchard
  • The house comes with clean papers and should be a relatively easy purchase
  • It should also easily be ready for next year's rental market and would be less hassle than trying to organise builders

Key Drawbacks

  • The kitchen needs to be installed and would be a separate price, as does the pool, although I now have a good contact for pool construction through a friend out here.
  • The rooms are not huge and might seem a little cramped.
  • There is no concrete floor on the first floor to insulate against sound, so not sure how noisy it would be.
  • The windows are quite small so the view from the bedrooms is somewhat restricted
  • There is no view of the sea from downstairs, and the view is mainly of some vineyards and forest.
  • The garden needs landscaping and it would be good to build a perimeter wall.


Description Price (000s Euro)
asking price 180
works 20
Total 200

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