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These are links to some houses and flats that I have been to see. My interest was first aroused by an article in one of the property magazines I read in a Croatian Estate Agent's Office. We have been to see property in Le Marche and in Tuscany, 2 very different areas. In Le Marche it is still possible to buy a big farmhouse with land for under 200,000 Euros. In Tuscany, although the properties are grander and even bigger, they are not available for less than about 700k! We have also heard about complexes, where a large Tuscan house is divided into apartments, with separate gardens and shared pool.

Derelict house in Montalpero, Le Marche
          This house consists of the main house and 18 hectares of land, much of which is let to farmers locally, providing an extra source of income.

New development in Tuscany

        A new, off-plan development near San Gimignano

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