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A flat near the centre of town

Key Benefits

  • This flat is located near the centre of town. It is in walking distance of the main square and the train station.
  • The rooms are all very big, apart from a small bedroom at the back of the flat. The ceilings are extremely high, over 3.5m and the flat is light and spacious. There is also storage space in the loft (although I have not seen it)
  • There are several original features, including the original doors and stoves in the room, one of which is still in working order (gas-fired).
  • There is  parquet flooring throughout.
  • The kitchen is large and has room for a table. It also has a small balcony.
  • There is a large hall which could be used either as a study or dining room.
  • The flat has interconnecting doors between all the rooms.
  • The bathroom is new and has been done tastefully.
  • The flat could be let as it is. The current rental being asked (the owners are looking to either sell or rent) is 1300 Euros, but 1200 may be more realistic.
  • The building is in good condition condition and appears well maintained


Key Drawbacks

  • The building is on a busy road and there is a lot of traffic - however, the double glazing cuts out most of the noise and the flat is on the third floor so this helps to dampen the noise, as do the trees on the street. It is nonetheless noisy with the windows open.
  • There is no separate parking - a common problem in the city, although residents can get discounted parking permits
  • There is no lift, so any potential occupants would need to be fit - or would get fitter as  a consequence.
  • The layout of the flat might put some people off, as the interconnecting doors may not allow a great of privacy. It is possibly too big for a couple, (couples with young children may well be put off by the stairs) and families may not appreciate the lack of privacy.
  • The price  (although comparable to other flats in the centre of town)



Description Price (000s Euro)
Flat 175
Furnishing 5?
Total 180

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